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Mannequin Film Production Services South Africa

Welcome to Mannequin Film Production Services – first choice for international production companies looking for the highest standards of film production in South Africa. With offices in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, Mannequin operates across the entire region, gathering together highly-skilled professionals that can undertake any request for feature film, commercial or television production.

When you need production services that meet international standards, our reputation on the world-stage makes Mannequin the smart choice.   We have worked with companies from all corners of the globe including USA, UK, Brazil, India, Germany and Austria. From pre-production costing and scheduling to payroll administration and coordination of post-production suppliers, we offer a comprehensive set of film production services – all tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our local knowledge is second to none and we’re able to provide access to some of South Africa’s most stunning locations, offering both rural and urban settings within easy reach of one another.

Spend a little time browsing our full range of services and also learning more about the South African film industry. Contact us today – one of our team will be happy to discuss the benefits of working together!

It’s All About The Incentives

We’re proud to be part of South Africa’s increasing presence in the world’s film and television industry.  Our film production services, with access to financial incentives offered, can include assistance from the South African government.

Assistance includes incentives for foreign-based film and television production companies looking to shoot on location in South Africa.  This consists out of production as well as post production incentives.  Feel free to visit the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)’s webpage for further information.

Filming Advantages

Available to international film production companies and producers, we’ll be happy to discuss the many advantages of filming here of which some include:

  • The favourable rand/dollar exchange rate
  • Low costs across a wide range of ancillary services
  • Consistent weather
  • Benefitting from summer when the northern hemisphere is deep in winter


From working with Producers and Crew from the USA, Germany,India, UK, China, Canada and Brazil. Nothing gets lost in translation with the Mannequin Films team.



Access South African rebates and Incentives, Get up to 35% of qualifying South Africa spend back.



Robert Rodriguez’s Tips for Production Value

Robert Rodriguez. The name behind blockbuster hits such as Desperado, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and Sin City, it is a name that is synonymous with success in the film industry. But the story of Robert Rodriguez is a rag to riches tale, and a fascinating one at that. At just 23, Rodriguez wrote, directed and produced the now industry famous and record setting cult classic El Mariachi for just US$7000, money that he earned himself from a stint in a research lab as a test subject for cholesterol medication. And lucky for him, his risk paid off. Columbia Pictures loved the finished film so much that they bought the American distribution rights, and El Mariachi went on to bank US$2 million at the box office. How did Rodriguez accomplish such a feat on less than an average Hollywood film’s daily catering budget? As a filmmaker looking to cut costs on your production (without compromising on quality and production value), Rodriguez has three pretty interesting tips for you:   Zoom, Don’t Cut Since time is usually your most expensive and limited resource, Rodriguez suggests that you shoot your medium shot of a scene, then zoom in and get your close ups/additional shots from there. This gives the illusion of a whole new set-up, but cuts the time it takes for an actual reset (provided the images are not juxtaposed immediately next to each other in the edit). The less time spent on new setups of course means there will be more time to assure the highest quality is achieved on each setup, which translates directly into higher production...

RSA and Kenya Sign Co-production Treaty

Two years ago at Cannes, South Africa and Kenya signed a MoU and are now working towards taking their film making relationship up yet another notch. During Discop Africa which was held this year in November in the city of Johannesburg, delegations from these two countries were deliberating over how both could reap benefits from a partnership between them and how resources and distribution resources between the two nations could be tapped into. The aim is that both countries can benefit from what the other has to offer. South Africa currently has eight co-production treaties running, but an agreement with Kenya will be the first treaty with another African nation. It’s hoped that this would set in motion greater co-operation between other African nations as well and that it will allow the continent to begin consuming what it produces within itself instead of what comes from abroad. One concern that the delegations addressed was the fear that since South Africa possesses over the continent’s most advanced and developed film industry, that it might create a Big Brother situation, where the more advanced South African industry ends up dominating and controlling their Kenyan counterparts. Terrence Khumalo of the NFVF (National Film and television Foundation) stressed that this would not be the case and that the point is not for the South African industry to impose itself on Kenya, but for South Africa to learn from Kenya instead. Khumalo added that the South African delegation was very taken in by the how successfully Kenya had implemented DTT transitions that opened a plethora of new opportunities for its local content creators, and...

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