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Most South African forests can be found in KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Limpopo as well as the Western Cape.  Taking on a great mixture of forms, forests range from Brazilian rainforest look-a-likes all the way through to the Alaskan-like valleys of Natal.  With the endangered Tsitsikamma rainforest probably being one of the most famous, these landscapes make out a smaller but definite noteworthy part of the South African ecology.


South Africa has 9 different types of forests, which make fona and flora differ extensively from one to the next:

  1. Montane Forest
  2. Mangrove Forest
  3. Coastal Scarp Forest
  4. Swamp Forest
  5. Mistbelt Forest
  6. Coastal Lowland Forest
  7. Riverine Forest
  8. Sand Forest
  9. Dune Forest