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South Africa’s Deserts: Diverse and Beautiful

South Africa’s Deserts: Diverse and Beautiful

Another reason to shoot a film in South Africa is our marvellously diverse natural environments. Deserts, rainforests, savannah’s, grasslands, prairies, beaches, mountain ranges, canyons, picturesque valleys… whatever you need for your film, South Africa is bound to have it.

Our desert biomes vary extensively in their appearance. We have three unique desert regions with their own distinct looks, flora and fauna:


The Great Karoo:

The Great Karoo is a vast semi-desert dotted with iconic flat hills and windpumps, situated in the west of South Africa, mostly within the Northern Cape province. An arid region with distinct rocky, shrub covered plains and small hills the Karoo can easily double for arid overseas environments like the New Mexico desert. Within the western parts of the Great Karoo lies the famous Namaqualand, which becomes covered in breathtaking fields of flowers during the spring months.


The Kalahari:

The Kalahari is famous for its red colour and mix of sandy plains and arid savannahs littered with dead trees and animal skeletons. The Kalahari lies in South Africa’s Northern Cape province and crosses the borders with Namibia and Botswana. The red colour makes for magnificent sunset photography.


The Richtersveld:

The Richtersveld lies in the north westernmost parts of South Africa and spans across the border into the south of Namibia. The Richtersveld has its own very unique eco system, with various species of desert flora found nowhere else in the world. A mountainous, rocky area dotted with “half-mens” and quiver trees, the Richtersveld resemble places such as the Mojave desert in the USA and parts of the Moroccan desert.