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Romeo is the official remake of the Teluga hit film, Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam, and features Bengali heartthrob Dev, who in the film plays the role Siddhu, the swooner with a heart of gold. The film tells the story of the responsibility of love and the importance of family.  Siddhu finds himself falling in love with the beautiful Pooja, portrayed by the talented Subhashree Ganguly.  Unfortunately Siddhu faces many an obstacles when it comes to winning over Pooja.  The biggest of which, being Pooja’s father, who does not accept the fact the Siddhu’s parents are separated.  This reflects badly on Siddhu and he will only give the relationship his blessing, once Siddhu can reunite his own parents.

This lighthearted, fun filled Romeo and Juliet-esque Bengali film is filled with humour, a fantastic soundtrack and wonderfully entertaining characters.  This was the first encounter between Shree Venkatesh Films and Mannequin Films, and can be seen as the film which kicked off a wonderful international working relationship between the two companies.  Shree Venkatesh along with their most acclaimed male lead, Dev (who also stars in Romeo as mentioned), would return a few years later to make the extremely successful adventure drama, Chander Pahar.

Romeo was partially shot in and around Johannesburg and attracted the masses due to its popular soundtrack and enigmatic characters.