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The Kalahari is probably the most well known desert area in South Africa.  With it’s 900 000km’s of red sands, it has a very distinctive look, which sets it apart from commonly found deserts.

South Africa also forms host to the weird and wonderful Karoo, which consist out of semi-desert and dry areas, brining with it its own unique creatures and plant life.  On the other hand if it’s white sand Deserts you are looking for, the Atlantis Dunes might just be the perfect option for you.  For yellow sands an unconventional option might be the Gauteng Gold Reef, which can just as easily double up as your desired desert destination.  Point being if its deserts you need, its deserts we’ll provide.

Quick Facts


  1. The Reese Witherspoon film “A Far Off Place” was shot in and around the Kalahari.
  2. Top Gear used the Kalahari as part of their Desert challenge.
  3. The Karoo is known as the living desert.
  4. Critically acclaimed films like Blood Diamond, Lord of War as well as Hotel Rwanda has all made use of various South African desert areas.