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Comium decided on shooting their rebranding video in South Africa, where Mannequin Films help facilitate them.

Comium is a French telecommunication giant who decided to relaunch their brand through a smile campaign done in 4 sections over Western Africa.  Comium takes pride in the fact that they can lead from the front with their “mission and vision” in hand.  This truly came out during the course of this making of this commercial.  

One of their commercials for the campaign was shot in South Africa and facilitated by Mannequin Films in Johannesburg.  With this new strategy and identity in mind their main goal was to reach an even bigger market, by generating overall positive emotions.  After months of preparation and planning, the commercial was filmed and received with great enthusiasm.

 Comium successfully created their new message which talks about how their service will put a smile on their clients’ faces by innovating friendly, rewarding and valuable communication services.  The company has proved to be a brand for the people and continue to broaden their fan base by consistently delivering on their promises. Mannequin Films was proud to have been able to work in association with 6th Sense Productions on the commercial.

Production: Commercial