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Brutal Fruit is one of the leading alcohol brands directed at women.  In 2011 they decided to create some brand awareness by inviting a group of women to enjoy in the ultimate girly experience.

In recent years Glamping has become a common term used for what Europeans have come to term the combination of glamour camping.  Brutal Fruit brought this idea to South Africa, by starting it’s very own glamping campaign.  This Brutal Fruit glam camp brought together some of South Africa’s most renowned beauty brands such as Revlon, to create the ultimate in female leisure “glamping”.  South African beauty icon, Bonang Matheba joined in the fun alongside other local celebrities, while women were treated to makeovers, free fashion advise as well as beauty experiments.  Workshops ranged from style, make up, lifestyle and spirit all the way through to general beauty treatments done by famous beauty specialists Charleen Clarke and Carl Isaacs.

The glam camp brought together a total of 2200 lucky women to enjoy in this weekend filled with pampering in celebration of Brutal Fruit’s latest rebranding campaign.  The weekend was hosted at the gorgeous Casalinga and was aimed at women between the ages of 18 – 30.  This workshop aimed to give women the tools to be the best glamorous versions of themselves.  Mannequin shot and produced the commercial for this Brutal Fuit event.